Professional Edition

Designed For Health, Wellness, and Medical Professionals

The professional edition is designed specifically for health, wellness, and medical professionals wanting to provide nutritional advice or dietary plans to customers but do not employ or have access to a licensed or qualified nutritionist. We give you access to hundreds of dietary meal plans designed by our registered dietitians, nutrition specialists, and contributing doctors that will address your customer’s personal health, fitness, disease prevention or special dietary preferences.

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Customizable Experience

  • Custom email greetings to clients
  • Add custom foods
  • Add custom recipes
  • Add custom documents
  • Change graphics & colors
  • Design custom meal plans
  • Private label branding option

Sleek Admin Interface

  • Administration client manager panel
  • Add additional administrators to account
  • Turn features on/off administrative company console
  • Meal plan utility manager
  • Reseller program
  • Telephone support

Integrated Communication

  • Coach messaging system
  • Custom email greetings to clients
  • Contest module
  • Client population body comp reports
  • Contest reporting

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Typical Applications

Disease Prevention

Detox & Cleanse

General Weight Loss

Childhood Health


Fitness & Performace

Food Allergy

Special Needs

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To Learn More About Our Professional Edition

This program or products are not intended to replace the expert advice of a medical practitioner and are not designed to treat diseases of any kind.  Users of this program or products assume all risks. Finally individual successes may vary due to individual compliance levels to the recommendations stipulated in this program, presence of certain health conditions such as uncontrolled thyroid disease, concomitant use of certain medications (that may include over the counter non prescription medications and supplements) known to promote weight gain, presence of certain genetic conditions associated with weight gain and non adherence to a regular physical activity program.  Dr. Nwizu's Weight Loss Program, Lifestyle Technologies Inc., its owners or any related parties assume no liability of any kind.

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