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Exercise Guides & Beginner Workout Plans in Greeley, CO

What is an exercise guide?

Diet and exercise are the key components to weight loss and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. For many, getting started with a fitness routine can be overwhelming. A beginner workout plan, or exercise guide, is a great way to get started with support from a trained professional. Workout plans for beginners lay the foundation for a patient to get started with a successful new fitness routine. For best results, exercise plans should be mutually agreed upon by the patient and their weight loss doctor.

What kinds of exercise guides are there?

Today, there are many types of exercise guides. They can be found online, in fitness books, or at a weight loss clinic. Each exercise guide has a specific target, whether it is to boost your energy levels, create a leaner look, or lose substantial weight. Guides lay out detailed descriptions of when to work out, what activities to do, and for how long. The structure of a workout plan often helps individuals reach fitness goals more quickly. Your exercise plan should be tailored by a professional to fit your unique needs. Therefore, visiting a specialist is the best way to get a personalized exercise plan to fit your health needs and meet your fitness goals.

Why is an exercise guide used?

An exercise guide may be used for various reasons, depending on your individual needs. A patient may choose to use an exercise guide to:

  • Lose weight
  • Gain muscle
  • Reduce chances of injury
  • Promote healthier aging
  • Begin training after being out of practice
  • Rehabilitate an injury
  • Supplement other weight loss programs and treatments, including diet counselingbody contouring, and cellulite reduction

How can I get an exercise guide?

The first step in starting an exercise plan is to schedule a consultation with Dr. Nwizu. After an initial evaluation, Dr. Nwizu will tailor a beginner workout plan designed to meet your individual needs and weight loss goals.

After consulting with Dr. Nwizu and beginning your plan, you should begin to see a difference in your energy level, weight, and overall health. Patients should continue to regularly follow-up with Dr. Nwizu, especially when beginning a new plan or making significant changes to a previous routine.

What are the advantages of using an exercise guide?

When an exercise plan is used correctly, it can:

  • Promote regular exercise with detailed instruction (and often visual guides)
  • Match a patient’s health goals and needs for increased results
  • Aid in effective short- and long-term fitness planning
  • Help patients overcome barriers, such as time constraints or lack of motivation
  • Ease the difficulty of tracking fitness levels and the measurable results of exercise, especially when used in conjunction with Dr. Nwizu’s InBody body composition analyzer

If you are suffering from weight problems and are not meeting weight loss goals on your own, the first step is scheduling an evaluation with Dr. Nwizu. Dr. Nwizu has more than 20 years of experience in his field, and is a trusted healthcare provider. Call 970.378.8000 today or fill out the form on this page to schedule an appointment now.


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