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My name is Shana and I want to let you know about my weight loss and how I was able to finally lose the weight I had been carrying for years.
I have struggled with my weight for most of my life, the ups and downs of different weight loss programs, pills and products sold on the market. I was able to lose some weight on some of the programs but never learned that my losing weight wasn’t a diet, but a lifestyle change. Although I knew nutrition, I didn’t know how to change my ways of eating to work for my body. I hit my highest weight at the end of 2015. My body hurt and I didn’t have the energy to do things that needed to be done without being uncomfortable. It affected my self-esteem and comfort level with my partner. I finally had had enough, and in January 2016, I decided that if I was going to lose weight, I needed to do it the right way and that way, I thought, was going to my doctor who is Dr. Nwizu at Family Physicians in Greeley, CO. I broke down in tears and said I cannot do this on my own and felt if anyone could help me, it would be him. Dr. Nwizu had explained to me that he was just starting a new weight loss clinic and invited me to his second orientation held at Family Physicians of Greeley west office. He gave me a packet to fill out in depth of myself and my eating habits and triggers. I attended the orientation where he offered different options of losing weight and the health benefits of losing weight. I then had a separate consultation at an appointment to discuss my options that would work for me, and I had bloodwork done to make sure there wasn’t anything medically wrong with me (something I had never done before). I began my plan and regularly had appointments to monitor my weight. I journaled which helped me learn what to eat and what not to eat. I learned to be accountable for what I was doing to help my weight loss. Dr. Nwizu worked with me for a year on exercising and eating right. I was able to lose 50 pounds and have been able to keep it off to this current date. I still check in to monitor my weight with Dr. Nwizu and keep on track. I would have never been successful if it hadn’t been for his weight loss clinic. I am not one to recommend any weight loss program, but I would definitely recommend this program to everyone. The one thing I tell people is that it is not a diet, but a way to make lifestyle changes necessary for permanent weight loss.


Dr Nwizu, You most likely do not remember me, but 4 years ago your quick thinking saved my life. My name is Madison Quarnberg, I was the 16 year old girl that had Lamierre's syndrome in 2013. You were the doctor who thought to run tests, and everyone else thought I had Mono or Strep, or some other random illness. But you caught it and because of you I have been able to experience so much! I was able to go to prom, I was able to graduate High School, on time I might add, and I was able to travel, which is something I had dreamed about since I was a little girl. I have been to Spain, Paris, London and Morocco. In one year, I will have my bachelors in Criminal Justice and I will ship off with the Peace Corps (hopefully). None of that would have been possible without you, and I want you to know how grateful I am to you. You are my hero and I know you have not been given enough credit for what you probably do every single day, and I know that this letter probably does not make up for that. But I want you to know that I understand that without you, I would not be alive right now, and I also want you to know that I am trying my hardest to not waste that life. So than you so much! P.S. I was going to bake you cupcakes, but I wasn't sure if you guys are allowed to eat baked food (for safety purposes) so I hope this will suffice!


My name is Jomarie. I went from a size 14 to a size 7 in 5 months. I had watched myself stack on pounds and I was quickly growing out of my clothes and started buying size 14 jeans. In February of 2016 during my annual physical, I weighed 180 pounds and I was terrified. My doctor referred me to Dr. Nwizu’s Weight Loss Program.
I went to the first class and I was kind of iffy. I had taken nutrition classes in college, but I still didn’t really understand it all. I made my first appointment with him one on one; it really helped me believe I could do it. He discussed my options and after reviewing my circumstances, he helped guide me through my decision making process. I made my choice and he told me that we could always change later if my choice wasn’t working. Dr. Nwizu helped me understand habits that promoted weight gain and I made appropriate and necessary changes. I was able to manipulate my meals each day to achieve my caloric goal. The food and exercise log helped me stay on track and watch what I ate.
There were times I felt like stopping. I felt like numbers on the scale weren’t dropping fast enough and sometimes I felt stuck. But I would make my monthly appointments with Dr. Nwizu and I would use the InBody Body Composition Analyzer and I would see that even though I felt nothing was happening, I really was doing well and losing weight the way that I should be.
I do not really have anything that I didn’t like about the program. One thing I know I could do better is more sculpting of the body. I would like to work more with heavier weights to sculpt my body better.
I love the weight loss program that Dr. Nwizu has going on. He always has other ideas on what I could do for the next month to work on a certain area of my body. I absolutely love the number on the scale; 128 pounds! I feel so much better about myself. My self-confidence has gone up tremendously. I had really bad back acne and now I don’t have back acne anymore, it has cleared up. I like that in the beginning he makes you write what your goals are and those times that I did feel like stopping, I looked back to those goals and thought I have to keep going.
My advice is to try it, don’t give up, and always look forward to where you want to be, because when you have a goal set, you have a direction. I would definitely recommend it! Thank you, Dr. Nwizu.



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