Think ‘Fat Loss’ Not ‘Weight Loss’

fat loss not weight lossA structured weight loss program monitored with a body composition analyzer is an invaluable tool during weight loss. The InBody 570 uses patented technology that relies on direct measurements and can perform segmental (limbs and trunk) measurements. It uses multiple frequencies of current to provide more accurate measurements – and does not rely on statistical data to determine muscularity of fat percentage. It is accurate for athletes and overweight individuals. The InBody 570 scored +0.98 correlation coefficient when compared with DEXA scan (a +1 indicates perfect positive correlation). The InBody Body Composition Analyzer will help in monitoring the loss of fat mass or fat free mass (sarcopenia)/gain in fat free mass during the weight management program. It will help ensure a maintenance of a balanced ratio between Extracellular Water (ECW) and Total Body Water (TBW) between the normal range of 0.360 and 0.390 (optimal ratio is 0.380). The Total Body Water Analysis will also be very useful for athletes and heart failure patients. The Body Composition Analyzer will guide in following up Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) which changes with weight loss and which is important during weight maintenance.

Learn more about the information that the InBody Body Composition Analyzer can provide.

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